Monday, April 8, 2019

RAIN, Rain And More Rain

Steady, non-stop, wet, cold rain. We have lakefront property again for the second time this year. The rivers are flooding and I just learned of two highway closures nearby. Oh, Joy! It must be April. 

Here is an early blooming shrub. Japanese Pieris or Lily-Of-The-Valley bush. I think this one may be Pieris Katsura. 

All of the Pieris shrubs grow and flower well here on the Oregon Coast. 

I have not been able to take photos of my new chickens for two reasons. One, we have been very sick for the past two weeks with that horrible coughing flu. Now that we are better, it is raining with very few breaks. Flooding, as I mentioned above.

But, I want to share with you my Harvey. He has been invited to Easter dinner and is hanging around the dining room as we speak. 

I have been quilting lots lately. I never seem to get enough quilting time. I just have to take it and be selfish sometimes. Here is a quilt that is very addictive once you start it. It is a huge scrap buster, too. I follow Mary's Chicken Scratch blog and she gave us the instructions for this Bulls Eye quilt that was first introduced in her and Connie's book called Aunt Marthas Quilts.

Now I am working on my challenge quilt for the quilt show in July. I need to get going so I can it off the cutting table. I need that space.

I will leave you with a table runner quilt with appliqued baskets that looks just right for Easter. It is for sale in my Etsy shop here.

Monday, April 1, 2019


I am a terrible blogger. I just can't seem to write often enough to make a continuous story. Looking back I see I left you hanging again! So I will catch you up on a few things and add some new content as well.
My Tom Thumb lettuce has now been planted in our patio tub along with a stray tulip I forgot was in there. At least the deer can't get at them because of my husband's innovative invention.  He made this wood and netting cover to stand over the tub. The top has a wood bar at either end that can be rolled back to access the crops or it can just be completely lifted off. It isn't very heavy. 

I planted the spring peas a couple of weeks ago....remember the ones I planted in little pots in my cool greenhouse? Well, here they are in the ground and growing. They will grow up another garden invention. Folding (for storage) pea racks. 
Radishes next to rows of growing garlic.
I was not happy with the germination of my onions. The ones that did come up are doing well, but there should have been way more.
Hope you are planning your spring and summer garden by now. I love starting things in the greenhouse and then planting them out. I buy early tomatoes that are in the market places now. Then I bring them home and grow them several more weeks also in my greenhouse. Need to do that right away. 
Next time I will show you my new young hens. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Changeable Weather and Selecting Seeds

Two mornings ago we woke up to this:

By 11 AM the same scene looked like this:

They say around here that if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes.

This time of year I start thinking about the garden we will grow in the upcoming season.  I start browsing through seed catalogs and seed racks. I have already purchased seeds this year because I just have to. I can't resist them, even though I already have lots. I have saved seeds for years in a big Tupperware bread box. Then the box goes into our garage refrigerator to keep them cold and dark. 

I have already planted these seeds in my unheated greenhouse. The onion is called Cortland and is supposed to be a very long keeper. I have not grown this one before. The onion down below is a Cipriani type called Berretta.  I have grown it and I love it. Such a good flavor! That's Tom Thumb lettuce and I have seeded it. All are in small divided plastic containers using a seedling mix. Then, I saved seeds of Little Marvel Peas and planted those as well. Now I have the beginnings of an early spring garden.

I discovered something this winter. Marjorum seems to like winter better than summer. In summer it continually puts up little blossom heads that make it hard to harvest. In winter the leaves are large and bushy with no flower heads. Parsley, of course, always likes our winters. The garlic I planted last Oct. is coming along nicely.

I have read that fresh vegetables are going to be very pricey now. So, I plan to double my efforts to grow a good garden this year. I have had nice gardens in the past but I am guilty of slowing down the watering program in mid-summer because I tire of the chore. So, with the purchase of some new garden mats and a new drip tape system, it should be even better this year. 

This is how it looked the day we had snow.


See you next time.

Saturday, February 2, 2019


It was just announced!! We will have an early spring this year. I am so excited!! 

That means we will soon see tulips, daffodils, narcissus, iris, crocus, anemones......all sorts of beautiful spring flowers in fine array.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are already seeing tiny snouts pushing up from the soil. 

Look closely. You can see where a deer walked through the bed. Hmmm. At least they don't eat daffodils.

Do you love Lenton Roses.  These are from the north side of my house. I love them.

These porcelain mugs would make a fine gift, don't you agree? 

 THANK YOU, MR. GROUNDHOG, for not seeing your shadow today. 



Friday, February 1, 2019



On February 14th you will need to give your Valentines to your special person or persons. Best to be thinking of them now so you won't be caught whining that you didn't have enough time or be found perusing through picked over merchandise at the last minute. Not fun at all.

Etsy shops are filling up with wonderful valentine gift ideas. Mine included, although I must admit I do not have cards or candy. Only great vintage gifts or perhaps a handmade quilted item made by me.

Did you notice this darling old reverse glass painting?  Old fashioned young love is so special and this cutie would make a great Valentines gift.

Here is an idea. Remember this guy? He was the all American heartthrob in the 1950's and early 60's.
This special vintage magazine tells his story from birth to his shocking death, complete with many photos for a fan to drool over. 

Or, you could make some Valentine cookies for the whole family with these vintage Hallmark cookie cutters.

And, lastly, here is a gorgeous upscale vintage compact that says it all. This compact can be purchased from Whirley Shirley on Etsy. The link to this compact is below the photo.